Protection Status

Civil Matters

Not just a well-recoginsed business law firm in Vietnam, SMiC has also paid special attention to developing consultancy expertise in handling civil problems. Our services include consulting and representing for clients throughout the process of civil dispute and request settlement.

Civil disputes:

  • Disputes on divorce,  rights of raising children after divorce, changing rights of raising children after divorce, property after divorce;
  • Disputes on property owner right;
  • Disputes on civil contracts;
  • Disputes on labour;
  • Disputes on inheritance;
  • Disputes on compensation for damage outside contract;
  • Disputes on land use right and properties attached to land;
  • Disputes on intellectual property right, technology transfer;
  • Other civil disputes.

Civil requests:

Requests for declaration or annulment of a declaration on one person losing his/her civil acting capacity or being restricted civil acting capacity;

  • Requests for notice of searching for persons who are absent from their place of residence and the management of their properties;
  • Requests for declaration or annulment of the declaration of a person to be dead;
  • Requests for recognising or not recognising and enforcement of civil judgments or decision of foreign court or arbitration in Vietnam;
  • Other civil requests.