Protection Status

Intellectual Property

SMiC provides a wide range of services related to intellectual property rights such as trademark, invention, industrial design, copyright, geographical indication and domain name. Our lawyers and specialists on intellectual property are always ready to support clients from consulting on protecting creative ideas to settling complex problems related to intellectual property, enforcement of intellectual property rights. Our consultancy is not confined to just Vietnam, but expanded to other countries.

Our IP consultancy services includes:

  • Representing clients to protect intellectual property objects in Vietnam and overseas, including: trademark, industrial design, invention, geographical indication, copyright, domain names;
  • Looking up, verifying and assessing the possibility of protecting tradmarks before registering them in Vietnam and overseas;
  • Advising on drafting licensing, technology transfer, franchising and other contracts; representing and/or joining clients in the negotiation and conclusion of these contracts;
  • Representing clients to work with competent state agencies, including courts, to handle activities violating IP rights;
  • Advising and representing clients on handling IP-related unfair competition practices.