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Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the past 13 years, SMiC has been highly appreciated by the community and clients not only for our professional reputation, but also for our social contribution and sharing.

We consider “social responsibility” to be an integral part of our business. Apart from numerous charitable activities, such as financially supporting people in difficulties, flood victims, poor patients, orphans, building houses of affection and martyrs shrine, etc..., our lawyers have devoted hundreds of pro bono hours annually advising those who are not able to pay for legal services.

Not only dealing with contemporary social issues, SMiC has also been well-known for our nation-in-future programs. For many years, SMiC Scholarship and SMiC Young Lawyer Assisting programs have been especially designed to help talented law students and young lawyers across the country.

Environmental protection is also an activity that we have unceasingly promoted to all SMiC staffs. Staffs are required to make highest commitments to ensure environment-friendly elements such as energy saving, hygiene at the workplace.